Impact Of Video Games

Video games are a pastime for masses of adolescents worldwide. The unprecedented technological advancements to this entertaining culture have caused many gamers, especially adolescents, to acknowledge it as the ultimate fantasy. According to many studies, video games can increase aggressive behavior, cause emotional outbursts and decrease inhibitions in many people (Kardaras 2008). As a result of the increased exposure to this modern phenomenon, a mounting body of research is linking video games to violent, aggressive and anti-social behavior. For this reason the study focuses on “investigating the impact of video gaming on society to determine whether it leads to aggressive, violent, anti-social behavior”.

The first aim of this investigation is to document the different types of video games and how they operate through electronic devices, and therefore examining the associations between video game exposure and the different attitudes and behaviors displayed by gamers. The second objective is to explain the key factors which lead to violent, aggressive and anti-social behavior and the extreme lengths to which the gaming industry will go to in order to reap the advantages of video games. The investigation also presents an outline of the current rating and censorship systems in Australia, which has resulted in some violent video games being banned for their violent and inappropriate content. To end the research a feasible solution is proposed to maximize the potential advantages of rating systems.

In conclusion, the paper summarizes the impact of video games on society. It concludes that gamers who expose themselves to greater amounts of video game violence are more likely to be prone to violent, aggressive and antisocial behavior over time. Word Count: 272